10:00-10:05Opening remarks
  Prof. Hideo Ohno (Director of RIEC, Tohoku University)
10:05-10:20"What is Brainware LSI Project?"
  Prof. Takahiro Hanyu (Tohoku University)
10:20-10:50"Prospects of Next-Generation LSI Technologies"
  Dr. Masao Fukuma (SIRIJ, Japan)
10:50-11:00Coffee break
Session 1: Recognition & Learning in Brain Computing
11:00-11:30"The Bottleneck of Conscious Vision"
  Prof. David Whitney (UC Berkeley, USA)
11:30-12:00"3D Audio Technologies Based on Good Knowlege of Brain Functions"
  Prof. Craig Jin (The University of Sydney, Australia)
12:00-13:30Lunch meeting
Session 2: Neural Network and Its Applications
13:30-14:00"Hardware/Software SNN Emulation Architecture by Means of SIMD Multiprocessing and AER"
  Prof. Jordi Cosp (Technical University of Catalunya, Spain)
14:00-14:30"Autonomous Decentralized Control for Soft Bodied Robots Inspired by True Slime Mold"
  Dr. Takuya Umedachi (Tufts University, USA)
14:30-15:00"VLSI Architectures and NoCs for Neural Coding"
  Prof. Jean-Philippe Diguet (Lab-STICC, France)
15:00-15:10Coffee break
Session 3: LSI Technologies for Brain Computing
15:10-15:40"Neuromorphic Electronic Circuits for Building Autonomous Cognitive Systems"
  Dr. Fabio Stefanini (University of Zurich and ETHZ, Switzerland)
15:40-16:10"Thermal Management for Brainware VLSI Chips"
  Prof. Wai Tung Ng (University of Toronto, Canada)
16:10-16:40"Wireless Technologies for Brain Interfacing"
  Dr.Mehdi Kiani (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
16:40-16:50Coffee break
Session 4: Short Presentations & Posters
16:50-17:20Short presentations
17:30-18:30Poster session
18:30-Closing remarks